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Life Challenges - Growth and FREEDOM GROUPS

Everyone needs help at some time in their life. It starts with acknowledging your need. Jesus was a man of sorrows acquainted with grief, he puts people in communities of believers because he knows we are wounded in community and we can heal in community.

Many in our congregation have walked through these types of issues successfully.  We are a no-shaming church and will link you to someone who can walk with you. You may need group, or individual counsel, marriage counsel, or spiritual counsel. We have wise and trained people who can help in many ways, or they can lead you to someone who will provide deeper answers. He, Jesus, cares, we care! Please respond if you need help.


Where are you trapped? There are tools and answers and people to help you. No quick fix but others have walked their way to freedom.

Sexual Purity

It started with porn, I never intended this. My lust and my shame keep me in things I don't want, hiding, secrets and lies. Is there is hope?

Trauma Recovery

There is part of my story I have never told anyone. I live with this weight of words and actions spoken over me that can paralyze me. Help!

Marriage and Family

We want to love each other well, graciously raise our children, and be happy but we are stuck. Should marriage be this hard?

Deliverance and Prayer

I move in prayer; I face things, but I am against something I cannot conquer. It frustrates me and I avoid it. Does God hear?

Depression, Remorse, Grief

Who am I now, is this life the way God meant me to live? Where is the joy? Why is it so hard? Do I have to wait for heaven to be happy?
To request help please click the button below and fill out the Growth and Recovery form.  Your requests will remain confidential, and the
form will be forwarded to a trusted church leader with extensive experience in addressing such needs. While we're not professional counselors,
we do have access to resources that may be beneficial.  Our aim is to understand your needs, offer support,
and potentially suggest appropriate services to aid you.