Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Throughout  Christ the Rock's history and present activities , this church has always been involved with missions and international ministries that have become part of our international family. Our founding Pastors Doug and Patricia Ruthford were both involved in international missions as well as leading the church. This focus has continued through Jon and Judy Engstrom, and on to Jonathan and Carolyn. The word to the church as a whole was that if we continue to invest overseas, to our community, to the unsaved communities of the world, God will take care of our needs at home as a church. We have seen this proven, year after year. We have had the privilege of joining with some of the most amazing missionaries in the world.

Fifth Sunday is Missions Sunday

Join us wearing traditional attire from your favorite country (optional). The gathering is at 10:00 AM in the Sanctuary.

Past - Eastern Europe

Present - Prepare to Go

 Future:  Fiji - Start Saving 

Meet the Missionaries we support

Bruce and Becky McDonald

Regions Beyond International
Bruce and Becky McDonald are missionaries that have spent more than thirty years circling the globe fulfilling the great commission. Following God's will, they have lived and ministered in the regions beyond, including the USSR, Latvia, Russia, Congo, Sudan and Rwanda.
Since moving onto the mission field, their vision has been to reach the areas where few have dared to go and where the gospel is virtually unknown.

Victor  Pavlovski

Nation of Moldova outreach to Ukrainian Refugees
Victor Pavlovski, Bishop of the Pentecostal churches of Moldova, said that he is glad that the churches in Moldova can be organized together to foster peace in their country. “We pray for peace in the Republic of Moldova and also in Ukraine and all over the world. He hopes that God will protect us,  and by this message of hope we want to fuel hope so that it does not disappear from the hearts of the inhabitants of the Republic of Moldova.

Dr. Chris & Lorena Lodewyk

One Accord Ministries
 South Africa
Chris Lodewyk has been involved at Christ the Rock since 1986 when Jon and Judy met him at Reinhard  Bonnke's "Fire Conference." He has been a current presence every year since then spending weeks with us. He has been a hands-on advisor and reconciliation minister to major upheavals across the world, South Africa, Rwanda, Ireland, and here at home. His life is a treasure to this congregation.  We even provided a wife in Lorena Lodewyk. Retired from preaching, he is writing a new book.

Pator Kelevi

Christ the Rock - Fiji
Pastor Kelevi and the church in Fiji are soul winners to those islands' villages and settlements. They conduct evangelistic crusades in locations where new churches are then planted.  In recent crusades alone more than 40 new souls gave their lives to the Lord. Because of the growth and demand of hungry new Christians, two landowners have donated land for new churches.  Their follow up teams remain in the areas helping to strengthen the new believers. They are doing a great job of caring for these souls.

Beth Lemm

Future and Hope Ministries - Philippines
Pastor Beth Limm has been acquainted with Christ the Rock for many years. She first became familiar with us through former pastor, Trena McDougal, who ministered for years in the Philippines. Faith and Hope ministries evangelizes the Philippines and throughout the world. Faith and Hope ministers directly to the church there through tragedies like earthquakes and floods. They also have daily outreach to the community with food and provisions.

George Otis  Jr.

Sentinel Group Ministries
The Sentinel Group was founded in 1990 by well-traveled missions researcher, George Otis, Jr. In 1999, we released our first documentary, "Transformations", which went on to be viewed by over 250 million people. To date, we have released nine award-winning documentary films, each chronicling unique stories of transformational revival, redemption, and deliverance. Not only is George Otis, Jr. the director of the ministry but a well-seasoned world traveler and speaker. They also offer training and tours for those wishing to see God move in their community.